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EOS17 (EPHEMARE Odyssey Survey 2017) KICK OFF

EOS17 (EPHEMARE Odyssey Survey) is the first survey that will be carry out by EPEHEMARE project to asses microplastics in two islands from the Northwest Atlantic and Caribean (Bermuda and Guadaloupe) and collect them for laboratory analyses and ecotoxicological tests to study the efects on the biota (macro invertebrates and fish) on the boat Race for Water.
ephemareEPHEMARE is an EU-funded project that aims to examine the adsorption of chemicals on microplatics, their ingestion, trophic transfer and chemical release, and a wide array of ecotoxicological effects on invertebrates and vertebrates; and to communicate the findings of the project to the public, relevant national and international authorities, and decision makers. People from the universities of Bourdeaux (Christelle Clerandeau), Antwerp (Camilla Catarci)y Vigo (Raimundo Blanco) is preparing to start next 29th of June the first microplastics survey at Bermuda Island (BEOS17).

The survey is taking place thanks to The Race for Water Foundation offers us its organization and infrastructure for it. The Race for Water Foundation is a charity dedicated to water preservation. This indispensable resource is under massive threat from plastic pollution and must be protected. Water will definitely be the 21st century's defining global challenge.


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