The Team


ECOTOX, Ecotoxicology and Chemical Pollution, is a research team at the University of Vigo and  is integrated in EcoCosT group. It is staffed by a dedicated team of scientists with a wide range of experience in all types of ecotoxicology studies, belonged to the Department of Ecology and Animal Biology and the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Food.

We are focused on enhancing the understanding of the chemical pollution on marine ecosystems with a view to identifying and mitigating those that pose a significant threat to their ecological integrity and provide the scientific basis to be developed environmental criteria and standards for the protection of coastal marine ecosystems.

We operate in the framework of projects funded by the European Union, the Ministry of Science and Innovation, the Ministry of Environment of the Galician regional government and other institutions with environmental responsibilities and contracts with public and private entities. Our research has generated 9 doctoral thesis concluded, more than 100 scientific publications.

ECOTOX facilities included two laboratories at the Marine Sciences Faculty and Chemestry Faculty and third lab at the Marine Science Station ECIMAT ... read more

Map Viewer


The cartographic viewer is part of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI). It is being implemented in order to provide the scientific community and society with a tool for monitoring and consultation on the environmental status of the Galician coast.

It gives information about the chemical quality status based on data from literature and data of the team.

The information is represented by a traffic light color code, similar to the one used by the OSPAR Commission 

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